The most sophisticated software system ever built for hospitals

Lunar is a stealth technology company building a new type of software system for hospitals.

The fractured ecosystem of legacy technology is holding hospitals back

Hospitals face a radically different landscape today as a result of ever faster changes in medicine, regulation, and business environment. Over the years, hospitals have invested heavily in technology that was supposed to make their lives better, but ended up holding them back from thriving, sometimes even threatening their survival.

World-class technology should be accessible for every hospital

We believe that fundamentally rebuilding the information infrastructure of hospitals is key to bringing cutting edge technology to every hospital, regardless of size or location. Modern technology will empower hospitals with the freedom to drive their clinical, financial, and operational goals that are foundational to delivering world-class care.

Marrying the science of technology and medicine with the art of patient care

Lunar is a stealth hospital technology company building a new type of software platform for hospitals. Built on a foundation of two years of research and development, the Lunar cloud platform brings state-of-the-art technology to solve some of the most frustrating challenges faced by hospitals today. The company focuses on using smarter automation, better data, and sensible machine learning to empower hospitals with the tools to provide more precise and effective care, doing things they can't today.

Company DNA encoded with medicine, engineering, design, and hospital operations

Founded by a team with experience on the front lines of healthcare and cutting edge technology, we are singularly focused on building the information infrastructure for the future of healthcare. Our team of doctors, engineers, designers, and hospital operations executives care deeply about bringing practical solutions to some of healthcare’s most challenging problems, and strive to constantly push their knowledge of the ecosystem. We are backed by some of Silicon Valley’s most preeminent venture capital firms.

Technology to advance healthcare for everyone
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