We build the technology infrastructure for the future of healthcare

Hospital software lags behind almost every other industry

It is no secret that hospitals currently use a fragmented ecosystem of legacy, on-premsie systems to form their information infrastructure. These systems are aging, stifling innovation, and making hospitals and their providers frustrated.

Unlock the promise of data in healthcare

The data stored within traditional hospital software systems is rich with potential, if it can be unlocked. Unlocking this data holds the key to advances in medical research, freedom to receive exceptional care anywhere, and the practical use of machine learning to automate key aspects of operations and medicine.

Take a small step to your life's most impactful work

We believe that cutting edge technology is the ultimate catalyst to transforming healthcare and will unlock exceptional care for everyone. We realize that rebuilding the broken technology infrastructure of hospitals is an ambitious venture. But we choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard.

The Lunar DNA.
Do you have the right stuff?

Think big and drive hard

Lunars are focused, hungry, and relentless by nature — they have a fire burning deep inside them, a drive to make an impact. Ambition is core to their DNA and they like to go for the moonshot. They are passionate about their craft and the mission they are on. They are doggedly tenacious to get there. They hate to lose. Their default is to operate at a high velocity in all things.

Are curious and seek to have a
deeper understanding

Lunars constantly strive for a deeper understanding of everything — the customers, their work, their field. They are naturally inquisitive about everything, and embrace that curiosity. They love to learn and receive joy from that learning. They believe a growth mindset is critical to success.

Maintain a consistent level of
exceptional performance

Lunars are able to maintain a consistent level of exceptional performance. They have a craftsmanship mentality, sweating the right small details and taking pride in high quality work. They try to raise the bar, driving themselves and the team around them to deliver at an ever higher level. They welcome constructive criticism and see it as critical to improvement.

Have strong ideas, weakly held

Lunars are strongly opinionated people, and they are okay with that. But while their opinions are strong they are weakly held. Lunars can get into a heated debate but they never make it personal or take things personally. They think rigorously and care about seeking the truth rather than winning the argument.

Act with integrity, especially when it is difficult

Lunars act with integrity without compromise and strive to make the right decisions, especially when those decisions are uncomfortable or the situation is ambiguous. They act with sense and pragmatism. They try to exhibit sensibility in their interactions with people, understanding that the world is a complex, grey place.

Have excellent judgement

Lunars have excellent judgement — they tend to be right a lot. Their instincts and judgement are good, but they seek to disprove themselves, never mistaking assumptions for facts.

Communicate well

Lunars are good communicators. They’re proactive in communicating to both external stakeholders and their team. They have exceptional clarity of thought and maintain a high signal to noise ratio.

It is time to take a giant leap for hospital software
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